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   Don’t Blame Union for loss of jobs:

  Johnson Controls’ recent announcement to transfer 200 jobs from Waynesboro to Mexico has motivated many in this area to speak out and cast blame as to why this may be occurring. I believe the responses have been false and show a lack of education and ignorance for organized labor.

   So, as the current plant chairman for our local union and as a Frick employee for over 24 years, I feel compelled to tell our story. The recent announcement was set in motion in October with a proposal targeting these jobs. After weeks of unrealistic expectations, at which time the company claimed they would consider alternative solutions, the proposal became a final decision that may want to blame on union greed and laziness.

   If you do not or have never worked in a union-represented shop then I suggest you not stereotype our workforce. The fault is not on the workers here, union or non-union. The men and women at Frick work tirelessly to design, engineer and build the best industrial refrigeration equipment in the world.

   Corporate greed set this in motion and the middle class working men and women are unfortunately the ones bearing the pain, again. Good jobs have been leaving this country for years as American corporation abandon their social responsibility to workers elsewhere. WE certainly cannot compete with $4.00 hour wages. And for that you want to blame us, give me a break. This corporation profits millions of dollars a year on the backs of the workers here, not in spite of them. They want people to believe that this is necessary to serve and safisfy their customers, when in reality our customers demand the highest quality, most reliable products on the market, which we build.    The affects of this decision will be devastating to many in this community and beyond.

   So, when people want to ridicule and cast blame, point it in the right direction, corporate greed. And understand this, we work as hard as anybody in this community. We endure to earn a modest living and raise our families in the same neighborhoods. All while the leaders of these corporations funnel millions of dollars into their pockets. It is time we come together as a middle class, as a nation and not tolerate this anymore. Plain and simple corporate greed

In Solidarity,
Jeff Mongan
Plant Chairman
UAW Local 1296

Waynesboro, Pa.

 Article in The Record Herald on 12/20/13